Established in 2009
MYNT helps you find customers online.


Our services are delivered by elite teams of Online Experts to businesses across North America. Whether you’re a manufacturer, brand, B2B wholesaler, or B2C retailer – MYNT’s personnel, technology & digital marketing solutions accelerate your success online.

Double digit growth is the norm online. We look to make BIG impacts that give your business sustainable, competitive advantages. We do this with the right mix of personnel and partnerships exactly when you need them. We accelerate your critical path to maximizing returns online. Stop missing out!

As your online presence evolves, so do your human resource requirements. You have a team in-house, and augment with partnerships & contractors to fill the gaps. This is where Mynt Partners fits in. Every business is unique, but the pieces to the puzzle of human, technology and partnership requirements for success online have many commonalities. Together, we collaborate to determine your Next Best Action.

Put the Mynt Partners team to work for you. Starting from less than the cost of filling ONE JOB POSITION. Let’s talk. You’re just a phone call or e-mail away from success online. No obligation whatsoever. We love talking eCommerce & digital marketing!

Let MYNT help you get customers online. Hire MYNT to get the job done. Get a team for the price of one person.


Our management includes 20+ year veterans from the Internet, Marketing and the Software industry. Our staff each have 3 – 10+ years’ experience as Information Architects, Database Administers, Business Analysts, Software Developers, UI / UX, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Programmers, Digital Marketers, Digital Merchandisers, SEO & Online Advertising Specialists, E-mail Marketers, Big Data Analysts and more.

We have 12 exceptionally gifted Developers and Digital Marketers managing the following languages & platforms.


php, HTML, CSS, java, javascript, Jscript, Google Apps script, mysql, SQL, ruby, python, VBscript, Visual Basic .NET, perl, .net, C, C++, C#,  Objective C, Windows, Unix, Linux, Custom APIs and more.


Magento, shopify, ios, android,  bing, aws, adwords, google analytics, google shopping PLAs, google re-marketing, paypal, quickbooks, mailchimp, ups/fedex/USPS/CanPost, wordpress, facebook ads, linkedin ads, ebay, amazon shopping, amazon product ads and more.

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Rob Duxter, Managing Partner

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In 2012, Mynt Ventures was conceived to help both entrepreneurs & established businesses. Mynt Ventures invests resources for web, mobile and online marketing. Plus, connecting with the right technology, business & investment partners, to make ideas a reality.

There's never been a better time to capitalize on the Internet.