Hosting, Backup & Security
Once a site is built, it needs some love.

Hosting Magento is vital to your eCommerce website, as your site needs to be fast and capable of growing with the demands of large amounts of incoming traffic and orders. We offer flexible affordable packages to suit your growing needs for speed, redundancy and quality.

Fast & Affordable



With all the hard work contained in your codebase and important product and customer information database, you’ll need a comprehensive way to backup up both. We offer Enterprise grade backup systems that take incremental data capture, ensuring your Magento eCommerce code and data are safe. Amazon Web Services and Mynt’s $1M eCommerce Management infrastructure offer a fully managed solution.

Enterprise grade

Incremental data capture

Peace of Mind

With the news full of breaches and leaked information, security should be at the forefront of any eCommerce website discussion. We provide a vast amount of security in your manage package,

Secure & scalable 

End-to-end managed services

Take control of your Intellectual Property

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